Why Facebook Advertising Is Still The King

We live in a world where over 50 percent of us own smartphones. It makes sense that businesses would turn to Facebook advertising when it has a billion daily users and growing. If you do use Facebook, you will know how increasingly tricky the advertising is becoming. If you pay for those ads as a business, you may notice how increasingly effective those ads are becoming. It doesn’t take a genius to correlate the two.

Facebook Facts

  • The PEW Research Centre reports that Facebook has a global audience of approximately 1.5 billion people – around one- fifth of the entire planet’s population, give or take a few hundred million
  • That same report states 70 percent of U.S. Facebook users access the site daily, of which 43 percent do so multiple times per day
  • 82 percent of the highly coveted 18-29-year-old demographic are among the most actively engaged Facebook users
  • 727 million people refrain from accessing Facebook from a desktop, meaning the site has one of (if not the) the largest mobile-exclusive monthly user bases of any site in the world

Why Facebook Advertising May Not Be Working For You

According to the Harvard Business Review, social media has decreased the significance of brand. Branding and culture are interlinked, but what happens when the culture changes? Social media culture is created and sustained by its users, and brands are constantly playing catch up to stay relevant. When it comes to the ad itself, here are some common mistakes people make:
  1. They are surrounded by more relevant content to their lives such as posts from friends or interests are almost always more relevant. The golden rule; don’t interrupt what people want to see, be what people want to see.
  2. Failure to retarget – Add a tracking pixel to ensure that your web traffic and Facebook views are linked, targeting people who know your brand.
  3. Attempt a different ad format – With around fifteen different kinds of Facebook advertising available, you should be experimenting to find what works best.
  4. Try micro-targeting – Facebook is excellent at capturing different events, target your copy to be very specific where relevant to your product. This method is being used in some very large strategies.
  5. Strive for more accurate reporting – Include a link to a specific landing page to record conversion events with Google Analytics effectively.

Mobile App Install Ads

Remember how many users we mentioned are mobile in the introduction? It makes sense that you have an app, and if you do, Mobile App Install Ads through Sponsored Stories are essential. Click-through numbers via Sponsored Stories on mobile devices are roughly twelve times higher than desktop. This is also a cheaper form of advertising and gets your app onto consumers phones.

Ad Types and Benefits

Ad Type Benefits
Boosted Posts
  • No word count limit
  • Links allowed
  • Looks more organic
Right Column Ad
  • The original Facebook ad which still exists due to its success
  • Least expensive clicks and conversions of all options
Retargeting Ad
  • Aimed at specifically identified consumers
  • Based on consumers searches outside of Facebook expanding the data source
Desktop News Feed
  • Appears in news feed
  • High engagement rates
  • Visual and text based
Video Ad
  • 8 billion videos watched on Facebook per day
  • Highly engaging
Multi-product Ad
  • Promote multiple products in one ad
  • Can be used to promote blogs, webinars, etc.
  • Separate links (per product) can be included
Local Ads
  • Perfect for businesses with a physical location
  • Hyper-target down to small distances
  • Excellent way to promote events
Offer Ad
  • Promote a discount or coupon through Facebook
  • Shorten the buyer journey to increase sales
  • Include all information and conditions around the offer

Consider the Design

Making sure the design element of your Facebook advertising is crucial considering the visual aspect of the platform. We recommend testing some different designs to see which one has the most impact before settling on a long-term theme. There are several tricks for you to consider, like buyer personas and social proofs. The key to finding the right one is making sure your designer understands your product and business. Always include call-to-actions and use imagery that stands out over the barrage of the news feed. Be consistent, aim for people’s emotions and above all, make sure you have the correct advertisement in the right place. It sounds daunting, but we are here to help with all of these things, contact us today to ensure your Facebook advertising dollars don’t go to waste.

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