We solve problems. We make things beautiful. We make things functional. We make you amazing.

We work with you and your team to design meaningful changes in key areas that help your organization improve measurably in a marketplace with constantly evolving demands and shifting technologies.

Corporate Branding

Building trust with your customers starts with your brand.

Building a smart, trustworthy brand doesn’t happen by accident, but with LD Global in your corner it’ll feel like it happens by magic. We’re not actually magicians, but we are seasoned marketers and business people who understand how to build a brand that your customers (and prospective customers) want to see.

Design, Print & Digital Media

Go ahead. Let them stare.

If people are going to judge your book by its cover, then it should be probably be a good looking cover. Good, eye-catching design filters through everything that you present to your audience. We’ll make sure you present a unified image throughout your brand and content with professionally designed materials.

Infographics & Sharable Content

Visuals + Statistics = Winning

People love to see statistics that prove a point, presented in an easily digestible format. No one really likes to read page upon page of text, so slim it down for them and present what’s important and sharable. Maybe we’ll even create the next infographic that everyone “just has to see”.

eBooks and Whitepapers

Educate. Inform. Attract.

Your company does something unique and you’ve got stories and statistics to prove it. Ebooks and whitepapers are a great way to dive deeper with your prospective customers and really show them that you’ve got their best interests at heart. We are eBook specialists and will make your company shine in your very own bestseller.

Copywriting and Blog Articles

If you’re going to ask them to read something, it should probably be interesting.

Most consumers and organizations research several companies online before making contact with any of them. Provide them with plenty of content that addresses their pain points so that when it comes time to make a shortlist, you’ll be on it. We’ll help you create content that will aid in your prospective customer’s research and have them sharing it with their circles. We’ll also help you promote it to make the sharing even easier.

Marketing & Strategy

Content Marketing, Content Distribution, Marketing Automation, Channel Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Remarketing/Retargeting and Marketing Strategy. We do it all.

Do you know whether your marketing efforts are effective? Where you should be spending more time and money and what you should give up on? This is where marketing plans and strategies come into play. So you know you’re making the right moves at the right time.

Lead Generation and Nurturing

Get in touch with the people who want your product and just don’t know it yet.

If you feel like your marketing strategy is a little like yelling at anyone and no one it might be time to pick targeted leads and start nurturing them. Marketing is about starting conversations and we’ll help you start more of those conversations with lead generation and nurturing.

Website Design and Development

You need a website. Period.

And it should probably be a good one. Something easy to navigate, that attracts both human visitors and search engine bots. When consumers are doing online research to decide who they should be buying from you want to make sure they find you, and then stick around for a little while. We’ll build a web presence that does both.

SEO, SEM and Analytics

How do you measure up?

Once your website is live you need to know how visitors find and interact with it, and if they’re not finding it it’s time to work on making that happen with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing). We’ll help you track every visitor, page, click, form submission and so on, so you can see which elements of your marketing strategy are bringing in the valuable traffic and then work with those findings to make your web presence even better.

Business and Public Relations

Think your story is interesting? Someone else will too.

Working with multiple forms of media to tell your story and reach your audience is a smart move for any company. We help you put your best foot forward by making connections with journalists and publications and making sure they get the best angle on every story you have to tell.