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You have marketing needs, and we have solutions. As a digital agency, we bring concepts and campaigns to life with our team of unicorns. Translating business goals into campaigns using data, creativity, insight, and industry-specific lingo can be challenging – but this is our sweet spot. With a combination of talent, experience, and execution, we help businesses formulate strategies that hit the mark with their communications and campaigns.
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Designs and Campaigns that Stir the Soul

Web Design & Development – It’s not just any ol’ web dev. We’re talking resonant designs that move both the heart and the mind.
Animations & Motion Graphics – For projects that need intense FX. Or if you just like super cool visuals.
Digital Marketing – Strategies jacked up on caffeine – always on and constantly driving toward the sale.

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Read Some Cool Stories of Teamwork

Creating A Multi-Location Local SEO Strategy with AchieveTMS

Bringing light to an innovative but new depression treatment is no easy task. Our mandate was to ensure our digital strategies were carefully crafted to empathise with those in distress but be powerful and compelling enough to make them convert. We succeeded.

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Africa Progress Panel: Lights, Power, Action - Electrifying Africa

Complex copy and detailed diagrams in a tight space that needed to bring attention to a super important environmental issue around sustainability? No problem.

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Transport for London: Travel In London At A Glance

If you’ve ever been to London, you know how wonderful it is to navigate the city through its multitude of modes of travel. We were tasked to put it all together, visually.

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Recent Works.

Our full-service online digital marketing and design agency works with clients in all industries and in every corner of the globe, but we really shine in a few niche sectors. Technology is a common theme that spans much of the work we do in healthtech, fintech, and edtech.

Health Care

We work with companies in healthtech, medical devices, mental health, specialised and general dentistry, and others – each requires a different approach with imaging, communications, and designs that align with target customers and sensitivity in messaging.


B2B and B2C buyer persona understanding, insight into market challenges, buyer journey, and technology procurement processes allowing us to create razor-sharp design and content that moves them down the funnel.


Empowering and spreading knowledge, one video, one infographic, one campaign, and one ebook at a time. We’ve worked with European, Australian, North American, and African education institutions. Why? Because education is dear to us.


Much like healthcare, finance and fintech have strict compliance rules that govern campaigns and messaging. Crafting communications that are both appealing and compliant is a tightrope walk that requires finesse, panache, and experience, and we enjoy helping clients overcome these challenges.

We have made some good friends over the years.

You don’t come to us because you want old-school approaches. You choose to work with us because you want to collaborate with a talented and diverse group of people who are creativity and data nerds that love learning new things to help you be awesome. As a full-service global marketing agency, our clients come to us from around the world for our specialised expertise and consistent ability to execute.

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We’re all About Cool Projects and People

As a full-service digital marketing agency based in London, LD proudly supports charitable nonprofits, independent brands, and sustainable choices. We are also strong believers in being different together in an environment where diversity and inclusion make us 1000% more awesome.

If You're Ready to Party, We'll Bring The Snacks.

You bring the ideas, and we’ll cover the donuts. Both are known to fuel productive conversations that get the ball rolling on important projects like yours. We send donuts to clients all over the globe. As a result, LD unicorns are experts in digital marketing and can tell you the difference between a beaver tail and oliebollen.

When you work with LD, we’ll send your team your city’s best donuts every week to satisfy hunger and make working together even sweeter.

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