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Marketing Trends for 2018

A well-known American marketing author named Philip Kotler once said, “Marketing takes a day to learn and a lifetime to master.” When you consider the rate at which marketing trends can change to keep up with technology and customer demands, this quote is accurate. As 2018 rolls on, there are some marketing trends that you should consider as part of your strategy.

Lead Generation 1

The Importance of Lead Generation in Marketing

It goes without saying how important lead generation from a website is these days. In 2017, 96 percent of Americans shop online. Your site is the hub for all of the quality content that you have to offer your customers. Perhaps you want to give out a little information that they will find useful in exchange for their email address to help grow your mailing list? There are plenty of strategies like this to ensure that you make the most of your web traffic.

Artist Profile: David Sedgwick – Ignoring Style

If you, like us, are fans of the work of Foilco, it should be no surprise why we are chatting with David Segwick. His latest book is a 30×30 homage to the great work produced by the company presented through the minds of a range of amazing artists. It doesn’t end there. David himself has a style that captured our eye and made us fall in love with his work. (Even though he isn’t a fan of “style”) So naturally, we wanted to do an artist feature on him just to learn more.

Design Trend Predictions for 2018

As we move into yet another year, it’s always fun to analyse what design trends may carry over and expand. Alternatively, which ones haven’t seen for awhile, that may return. Keeping in mind that we have no crystal ball, let’s consider this an educated guess. As we progress, originality seems harder to come by so the tweaking of old trends seems like the safest bet.