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Money might not buy you time (we’re still working on our own Tardis), but it can stop you from sinking your own time into social media that you could be spending elsewhere. Buy social media experts here for all your online (or offline) creating, scheduling, analysing, and engaging.

Social Media Is a Global Standard

Gone are the days when social media was just a vanity metric — there are over 3.2 billion reasons why you need to be a player on this board. There’s no other medium that outshines social media as far as accessibility, affordability, and volume are concerned.

It’s vital to know that being present on social media has more to do with being seen rather than outright ROI. It shows that your business is current and approachable.

Social media needs to be looked at as an important component of a complete marketing strategy — not as a standalone indicator of performance.

What we mean is, the success of your brand doesn’t solely depend on the effort you make to build a stellar online presence. Instead, it depends on your overall branding strategy. It’s a classic case of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts.

Being on social media allows your audience to get to know your brand better — it’s a great platform for cross-promotion and organic visibility. It allows you to build authority, expand your avenues for thought leadership and, possibly most importantly, show your audience the ‘human-side’ of your brand.

Ready to take the leap? Hire a social media expert on our global marketing team and watch your online presence soar new skies!


Custom Strategy by Social Media Experts

In the world of social media, a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t cut it. To stand out from the masses, you can’t apply the same cookie-cutter approach. Each brand, yours included, requires a social media marketing strategy that’s tailored to unique goals, target audience demographics, and many other industry-specific factors.

Our team of experts understands the ins and outs of branding and social media; leave it to the best, you won’t regret it.


Creative Optimised Messaging

Great things happen when visual art and well-written copy come together — these two in unison can give your brand a distinct tonality, one that keeps your audience coming back for more. Our team of copywriters, social media experts, and graphic designers come together to give your brand the competitive edge it needs.

Uniquely Tailored Artwork

The art team here at LD is home to obsessive perfectionists. We are sticklers for consistency — something every brand needs, especially when it comes to designing the visual communication guidelines for online (and offline) platforms. We make just the right amount of fuss over everything; from choosing the right file formats, sizes, and dimensions, to making optimal use of colour theory, typography, and design theory. Nerding out on these, and many other skills is what allows our team of experts to make your social media shine.

Industry Related Posting Schedules

We’ll help you save time and streamline team collaboration efforts by using the best scheduling tools in the industry. These tools allow us to schedule almost every action item needed for your posts to go live. Everything from date and time selection, to number of posts, and platform selection, will be chalked out well beforehand to ensure a seamless experience for the end-user.

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A fully managed and executed digital marketing strategy and business growth service that is customised to your budget, target audience, industry and business goals.


An expert consultant to help guide your own efforts by providing marketing and audience analysis, business and industry insights, and solution-based strategies to execute.

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