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Build Your Brand into a Patient-Centric Powerhouse

Whether you are looking to sell devices, attract patients or recruit staff, one way forward is to tell the right stories, to the right people, at the right time.
With mounting backlogs caused by an ageing population, operational inefficiency, and a lack of resources, including staff and technology, access to healthcare is becoming intermittent. That’s why it’s more important than ever for medical institutions to innovate by combining powerful communications with modern technologies to galvanise staff around a patient-centric mission.

A Vast Majority of Consumers GO ONLINE for Information.

The bottom line: a strong online presence is crucial for healthcare companies to get noticed.

This is LD can help you optimise your results by providing information your audience wants. Prospective customers want to know things like your reputation, whether you take insurance, other healthcare professional recommendations, the technology you use, and more.


A comprehensive healthcare marketing strategy helps you stand out, build trust with your audience, and create the opportunity to engage with more potential customers. Let us help you showcase what you can do for your customers. We’ll assess your current digital marketing efforts and recommend effective solutions to grow your healthcare business.

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of those in need of healthcare information turn to internet search first.

Take Your Brand to the Next Level with a 360-Degree Digital Marketing Approach

Each healthcare service and provider behave differently, requiring varying digital marketing strategies designed to capture the attention of target customers. The team at This is LD has had over 10 years developing and implementing innovative marketing solutions for healthcare sectors. It’s given us unique insight into what works.

Healthcare Marketing Vs. General Marketing

Having a B2B expert in your corner is always a good thing. But marketing in Healthcare and HealthTech isn’t your standard execution. You need an agency that’s knowledgeable in healthcare digital marketing to ensure you’re adhering to the nuances of the industry.

LD has proven expertise in healthcare marketing, so we know how to get you from A to B – even with all the red tape throughout the industry.



Understanding how legislation and advertising rules in your region affect your services and products is crucial in the context of healthcare marketing.

Indirect Distribution

With many components in healthcare separate from one another, understanding the supply chain and the relationships between all parties is important for the consumer to understand.


Healthcare products and services often require special certifications to be approved for treatment or be covered by insurance providers.

Compliance & Data Protection

There are a combination of rules, laws, and government agencies that regulate healthcare marketing.

A Unique Approach For Healthcare & HealthTech Marketing

360-degree digital marketing in the healthcare space helps you reach potential customers online no matter where they hang out. The new approach is not one size fits all, and LD’s healthcare digital marketing strategies can help your company create personalised messaging that is laser-targeted to an individual’s needs. Our cloud-based digital marketing agency offers a variety of packages to help healthcare businesses like yours to outshine the competition.

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