Creating A Multi-Location Local SEO Strategy with Achieve TMS


While relatively new, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is becoming a widely spoken about form of treatment for sufferers of depression.

As the leading provider of the treatment, Achieve TMS initially approached LD for help with their website. As we dove into their project, however, we discovered several other tasks were needed to boost their overall marketing strategy. These included:

  • Web Design and Management
  • Multi location SEO Strategy
  • Marketing
  • Social Media Management
  • Copywriting
  • Customer Support
  • Automation
  • PPC
  • Sales Support
  • Local Business SEO
  • Optimisation Strategy
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The Brief

Achieve TMS was undergoing fast expansion. As a result, they wanted to attract new patients. Even though their business objectives were locked in, they needed to fine-tune their online marketing efforts to meet their goals.

Their main priorities were:

  • Getting more exposure
  • Redirecting web traffic to their multiple locations as walk-ins
  • Acquisition of quality local leads

Our Challenge

The challenge was a multi-location business seeking visibility for relevant keywords across various cities in order to achieve local visibility, which would lead to an influx of new patients.

Our client needed to ensure that when their local audience looked for relevant services in their area, they’d find their closest Achieve TMS center. With so many locations in close vicinity, we needed to ensure that visibility is maximised for each one of them, keeping their geographical quirks and features in mind.

Keywords related to depression, however, were highly competitive and too generic — we needed more unique, targeted phrases. Even though “TMS” qualifies as a good keyword as it’s specific, it’s also tricky because few people know what it is.

We also needed to account for other TMS providers and alternative treatments available for patients in the area. We ended up with a strategy that included exposure for the keywords “depression” and “TMS” keywords to ensure maximum visibility.

Our Process

Our previous experience with multi-location SEO has taught us that when optimising for local search it’s all about consistency and initial set up. We factored in all the locations and constructed a plan that would align our client’s website with all their Google My Business (GMB) listings.

Each listing had to be individually created, optimised, and backed up with citations. Our client had requested that we target smaller neighbourhoods. We did that while ensuring 100% consistency across all the locations. We even put in place a strategy to attract genuine reviews.

The abundance of relevant keywords meant selecting the best candidates was crucial, considering the limits of local SEO. We also incorporated the keyword “TMS” as a dual-lane strategy.

Call Center Review

LD performed a review of Achieve’s call centers and found that their call-to-patient conversion was sitting at just one per month amidst 400-500 calls. The cause of these low numbers was the incorrect method in which the business was listed across multiple sites. As a result, customers were contacting them for services that they did not provide.

By updating Achieve’s online profile via Yext and altering their cold calling scripts, we observed a drop in overall call volume after the first five weeks, and an increase in the quality of leads. As a result, overall service quality was enhanced. The consultants had more time to spend with customers, and the customers were more likely to buy.

The Results and Client Feedback

The results soon showed Achieve TMS appearing in the Google Localpack for every location, with individual location pages ranking high in regular search results as well. Traffic to the centers’ location pages increased thanks to the newly achieved visibility. This proved to be vital for converting warm leads.

Incoming organic leads coming in from search results and individual Google My Business listings were tracked meticulously.

We also learned a lot more about where Achieve’s patients came from. By tracking both digital and traditional sales channels, we were able to pinpoint the most lucrative channels and consequently direct more funding to those channels.

Workflows gave more structure to the follow-up process along with more visibility for management. Prior to LD’s involvement, many customers fell through the cracks due to little to no tracking options available. Thanks to the new workflows, however, Achieve now has a structured follow-up process that ensures no more missed customers while also giving better visibility to management.

The Marketing Results:

In the year prior to working with LD, Achieve TMS received ten patients in total for their marketing efforts which included the use of a Google Adwords campaign.

The first month of LD’s Adwords campaign achieved:

  • 41 new leads / consults for Achieve, of which three have converted to patients.
  • Increase in traffic of 12% across all platforms.
  • Increased review rankings on Facebook and Yelp.

In total, LD created eleven local listing pages and three landing pages targeting specific niche markets for the Adwords and Facebook campaigns. The marketing plan also included diverting part of the budget to specific locations via Facebook and Adwords to target particular cities.

Multi-Location SEO — Our Verdict

Running a local SEO campaign for multiple locations isn’t too different from doing the same for one single location — it just requires more work, more research and a sound strategy.

Multi-location SEO is sensitive; losing traffic means losing footfall which translates to losing revenue. With this in mind, following the best practices, taking safe measures and being on top of the latest Google algorithm updates is crucial.

Here at LD, we do all that, and then some. We understand that local SEO is not an overnight success — it requires time and patience. We’ll do our due diligence to make sure that your business surpasses the competition and dominates the rankings.

Why Work With LD?

LD has extensive experience in local search projects and the necessary fine details that ensure they are effective. The reason why LD is so successful in this area is an ability to integrate the local strategy with an overall SEO strategy. They have vast experience segmenting and tracking the traffic from each location offering the business intelligence to understand how each location is performing in comparison to others.

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