The Importance of Lead Generation in Marketing

It goes without saying how important lead generation from a website is these days. In 2017, 96 percent of Americans shopped online. Your site is the hub for all of the quality content that you have to offer your customers. Perhaps you want to give out a little information that they will find useful in exchange for their email address to help grow your mailing list? There are plenty of strategies like this to ensure that you make the most of your web traffic.


All good websites:

To ensure you attract the right kind of customer, solve the problem or need they may have in a simple to understand way. Attention spans are shortening so you want to make sure that people don’t have to dig too deep to understand your value. Your pitch should not be in your face, creating a call to action or asking for the sale should always be the final step. This doesn’t mean that you can’t allude to your products and services through your content, just ensure that it is subtle. The more you can share before attempting the sale increases your value in the customer’s eyes.

Ways to Make Your Customers Love You

Good word of mouth isn’t that hard to come by, just offer excellent service, and it will happen organically! This idea should be the goal of every business, especially small business. Those positive customer testimonials are invaluable, and they become all the more worthwhile if they turn into reviews and links from other sites. They also extend to customer retention and repeat business, and it’s just smart!

Making sure there are plenty of easily accessible lines of communication to your business will make the customer experience far better. Email, phone, and social media channels are all expected in the current climate. People become frustrated when communication is hard in a world where there are so many channels available.

Offering helpful content so that your customer doesn’t even need to contact you is an even better option.

  • If you have a mailing list make sure it is advantageous as opposed to annoying
  • Try to personalise some of your offerings (e.g., phone call or handwritten note)
  • Nurture your buyer at each step of the sales process
  • The better you understand your audience, the more appropriate and efficient you can make the service you offer

Automated marketing campaigns will keep you in regular contact with your customer. This can be done through email lists or social media, saving you time and ensuring maintain a presence with your clients. Nothing beats free stuff. If you are confident that your product speaks for itself, then let it! Let people sample your goods and services so that they know first hand how amazing it all is!

Lead Generation Tools

Lead generation, the bread and butter of inbound marketing. You’ve done all of this work to bring people to your business, now it’s time to turn them into clients. Lead generation tools can be unique and interesting, but their job is essentially to turn those people interested in your product or service to consumers. First, you need to collect the potential clients’ information. This can link back to the free samples mentioned earlier. Perhaps to get a sample of this product they have already shown interest in, they need to fill out a form. This gives you everything you need to follow up the lead and hopefully turn it into a sale.

Using an existing system to help generate and organise your leads can be very beneficial. You can even design a call to action template yourself using many free online resources. Link this CTA to a landing page via your website and promote on social media. Always analyse your lead generation tools to ensure they are successful.

How to Bring More Traffic to Your Website

So your website looks great and is full of quality content that people will want to see, now to get them through the door! Making sure that the content of your website features popular keywords is extremely important as it will improve your chances of being found in google search.

Filling your blog posts with these keywords where possible will help with search engines however it is also necessary to promote your blogs. Posting them on social media or including them in your emails via links to your site will increase traffic significantly.

Networking and linking to other notable people in your field is a great way to spread your reach. Guest blog on their sites or invite them to yours. Mention their various social media handles in your posts or even better, have them link to your site in theirs.

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