Artist Profile: Ricky Richards – Cultivating the Culture

Ricky has worked with some huge clients, Nike and Coca-Cola amongst them, but no matter the size has always brought his clean and stylish approach to the work. What we loved the most about him, however, was his insistence on encouraging the community and culture in design. He runs a podcast in which he chats to other artists whom he admires, a monthly newsletter and our personal favorite, the Daily Design Club website. We had a little chat with the man himself to learn more about all things Ricky Richards.

How Green IT Projects Make a Difference

The Electronic Waste Conundrum Each day 142,000 computers and more than 416,000 mobile devices break, stop working or become obsolete and get trashed. Thanks to green IT projects, some of them get recycled. But an astonishing 60% still end up in landfills or incinerators, and that creates enormous problems. However, you can help address these…