Why You Should Use PPC for Healthcare

According to a Google study, 5% of all searches are health-related. This stat shows the competitive nature of the healthcare field within paid search.
In B2B and B2C healthcare, Google Ads searches are vast. Gaining a top rank on the SERPs continues to be fierce competition among healthcare marketers. Think about the extraordinary number of people seeking information:
  • Vendors selling to hospitals and private practice
  • People seeking health insurance, information on providers, researching treatment options, and more
  • Health professionals looking for new medical equipment or electronic health records
These information-seekers help drive up the price of keywords, which means your PPC strategy needs to be well informed to spend your budget wisely. The massive cost for some keywords is easy to explain with the obscene number of online searches for health-related keywords and the seemingly endless number of healthcare providers and vendors out there.

Six PPC Strategies to use in Your Healthcare Marketing

#1: Know Your Audience

As a company, ask yourself these essential questions:
  • Who is your consumer?
  • What is their mindset?
  • What do they need to solve their problem?
The more details you use to describe your target audience, the better you’ll be able to speak to them in your PPC campaigns.

#2: Pay Close Attention to Average Position and Impression Share

Keeping track of your average position and impression share is important because you need maximum real estate and visibility on the SERPs, or you risk being forgotten.

#3: Make Your Contact Information Easy to Locate

Take the time to set up call, location, and sitelink extensions for every campaign you run.

#4: A Strong Mobile Strategy is Vital

Many people use their smartphones for purchases – make sure you’re reaching them.

#5: With Landing Pages, More is More

A lot of research goes into making healthcare decisions. You must earn your consumers’ trust with in-depth information.

#6: Add Value with Quality Video Production

Healthcare is complex. Consumers appreciate being able to watch demonstrations or videos to gain a better understanding of a product or service.
A PPC campaign is flexible, scalable, and measurable. It can increase your healthcare business’s traffic, inquiries, and revenue, and the ROI will speak for itself.

Audience Targeting in PPC for Healthcare

Keywords are awesome for PPC, but they’re not the only tool in your belt. After all, many keywords in your campaigns may appeal to more than one audience, making some keywords less valuable to your business. In healthcare marketing, you can utilise patient persona data for highly targeted and cost-efficient campaigns. It’s all about segmenting potential consumers’ traits, needs, and motivations. It’s the difference between targeting someone who actually needs treatment instead of somebody merely conducting research. The person who requires a particular healthcare product or service is more likely to convert into a consumer (if you’re offering a solution to their issue).

Dynamic Search ads in PPC for Healthcare

Do dynamic search ads (DSAs) and ad customisers impact campaign performance? Absolutely, and here are some of the perks:

  • You’re offering increased ad relevance to the searcher (hello, value)
  • An improved click-through rate
  • The relevant content increases the ad’s quality score, which improves the ad rank position and lowers the cost per click
  • Longer tail searches show a greater level of purchasing intent, increasing the number of conversions

Think of DSAs as little helpers that help quickly direct potential consumers to relevant information from your site in a dynamically generated, tailored ad based on the specific phrase they type in the search bar.

If you’re late to the party, it’s time to add some DSAs to your PPC healthcare campaigns. These highly targeted and relevant ads pull information from your website to create an ad based on a search query. How cool is that?

PPC for Healthcare and Dynamic Keyword Insertion

Here’s a tool we use to get the most attention for our clients: Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI). DKI allows us to customise ad copy to match a search phrase exactly. The benefit? It improves an ad’s relevance, contributing to increased conversion rates.

And there’s more…

We can even pull these search phrases into your landing page text. For example, the same page could appear as either ‘Knee surgeon in London’ or ‘Knee pain specialist’, depending on how a consumer phrases their search query. When all the pieces of a PPC campaign work together, the result is undeniable.

After so many years in the digital marketing space, we’ve seen all kinds of campaigns, ranging from incredible to utterly forgettable. PPC is a collection of tools and strategies that help your target audience find you so that they can engage with your organisation. Dynamic keyword insertion is one facet of a successful PPC campaign that can deliver a potential consumer to your landing page.

Use Effective Ad Copy in Your PPC for Healthcare Campaigns

No matter what form of advertising you use, ad copy should be super compelling but purposeful. Your overall goal with ad copy is to encourage your reader (patient, practitioner, or otherwise) to take action. When your ad copy is a yawn-fest, it’s not doing its job. Readers can tell when you’re stuffing keywords into your copy merely for SEO benefits. It’s usually obvious because the messaging is likely boring and repetitive.

Your words should inspire curiosity and action from the reader. Give the people what they want (and need!) – information, entertainment, a clear call to action, all that good stuff. Will you get the perfect ad copy on the first go-around? Likely not. Consider writing ad copy as a science. You predict, test, analyse, and refine your approach.

We constantly test and measure the success of ad copy with the help of several different metrics, like:

  • Click-through rate (CTR)
  • Return on ad spend (ROAS)
  • Cost per lead (CPL)
  • Cost per thousand impressions (CPM)

This is LD: Your Healthcare Marketing Specialists

At LD, we’re data nerds. Using various metrics, we create, update, and test out new and improved ad copy all the time – because we’re always trying to find ways to improve even our best-performing campaigns. Ask us how we can make this strategy work for you. Book a coffee chat today.

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