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It’s been said before, and we’re going to say it again — video content drives way more engagement and reach when compared to static images. However, the journey towards leveraging motion graphics and animation isn’t without hurdles.

If you’ve had animation and motion graphics designed for you before, you’ll know that things like getting the brief right and providing good feedback are vital if you want the end result to look anything like you’d imagined. At our agency, however, things work a little differently; we have the right people, asking the right questions, at the right time. The result is a collection of brand collateral that’s guaranteed to work in your favour.


Whether it’s your first video or your fiftieth video, our team is here to support you through the entire process. Animation wizardry is what we do best, you can trust us no matter how complex your requirement is! Creative support will be provided from the very beginning, complete with scriptwriting and storyboarding assistance.


We’ll even go over your end goal, objectives, and messaging strategy to make sure we’re all on the same page. Our team of experienced animators can effortlessly craft bespoke artwork — whether it’s a graphic-driven explainer video, a character-led corporate video, or a 3D photorealistic product video, we’ll work collaboratively to nail every single detail.

Motion Graphics: Packages and Pricing Tailored to Your Needs

Creating an animated video is an art form that can take seconds, minutes, hours, or even days — it all depends on what’s required, and how complicated the concept is. The good thing is that we can tailor the result precisely to your needs, and your budget. Need a short, promotional clip with simple movement? Perhaps a full-blown video with advanced character animation and special effects? Or maybe something in the middle? Just name it, and we’ll have it done. Explore our range of basic, intermediate, and premium packages and pricing options below:
Basic Animation
Pricing From


  • Script-Writing Assistance
  • Storyboard & Style Frames
  • 2D Flat Design, Limited Character Animation, Simple Movement
  • Voiceover Recording, Commercial Rights
  • Royalty Free Stock Audio
Intermediate Animation
Pricing From


  • Tailored Script to your Target Audience
  • Storyboard & Style Frames
  • 2D Flat Design, Basic Character Animation, Intermediate Movement
  • Professional Voiceover Recording, Commercial Rights
  • Royalty Free Audio and Sound Effects
Premium Animation
Pricing From


  • Tailored Script to your Target Audience
  • Storyboard & Style Frames
  • 2D Detailed Design & Graphics, Advanced Character Animation & Rigging, Blended 3D, Special Effects
  • Professional Voiceover Recording, Full Broadcast Rights
  • Royalty Free Audio and Sound Effects

Please note that these prices are not inclusive of VAT, GST, HST or PST which may be applicable.


Frequently Asked Questions

Animation is a high-ticket item, we understand that. So we want to give you a bit more in-depth understanding of why animation costs what it does. The first thing to understand is that a good video is about delivering you good results rather than saving money. As our primary delivery is based on fully tailored solutions, larger budgets give us much more freedom to deliver creative high-end solutions for you. Video is also a medium which requires the skills of a number of individuals to bring together the end result – including writers, illustrators, animators, sound designers, video editors and a project manager to keep everyone on track. Naturally, these lovely people provide time that is of high value to us and this is where most of your budget goes.

The best way to break this down is via complexity. Perhaps the same way that a box of 6 donuts can range in price depending on where you buy them from. A donut is not just a donut! For example:

Basic Package:
6 donuts from your local supermarket
Intermediate Package: 6 donuts from Krispy Kreme
Premium Package: 6 donuts from that bespoke Vegan / Gluten Free / 1000+ Custom Flavours specialty bakery

Our basic videos are created using simpler elements, less detailed movements, and a focus on object elements rather than human characters which are a lot more complex to animate. Intermediate videos give us more time to invest into developing characters, traits, detailed human movement, layered illustrations, more sound effects, and professional audio.

Once you hit our premium level – anything becomes possible. We can move between 2D, 3D and even live action video blends with custom effects, lighting, rigging, and more.

Our basic animations start with a guide of around 6-8 weeks for a 60 second video. Some projects can be done in half this time. Others may take longer. But here’s a ballpark breakdown:


Week 1: Research and Script Writing
Week 2: Style Boards and Illustrations
Week 3: Voice Over Recording
Week 4-5: Storyboarding
Week 6-7: Animation
Week 8: Music and Sound Effects

Our price buckets are all based on 60 seconds, but this doesn’t mean you can’t have videos that are longer or shorter. However it’s important to note that creating a 30 second video won’t be simply half the price, and nor will having a 2 minute video automatically double the price. This is where you’ll sit down with our lovely team, and they will scope out exactly what you need and adjust the pricing for you to get the best result for your budget.

As a general rule, we don’t provide source files. The source files are not included in your animation package, and in a way we feel like this is somewhat akin to giving you the secret recipe along with the donut. If you are looking to include source files in your final delivery, this can be negotiated. However please note that any design source files will come at an additional cost that is in line with industry rates of IP purchasing. This price usually starts at around 300% of your project cost.

Alternatively, if you don’t feel like there is a fit for you, remember we also offer fully customised solutions that fit your budget – whether you’re a small independent, a non-profit, or someone wanting to tailor a completely unique solution that will hit both creative and financial targets. Whatever your situation, we can find a perfect fit for you.

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