One Global Digital Marketing Agency; Many Services.

We are a large box of donuts with many assorted flavors. Our full service global digital marketing agency is a one-stop party box loaded with all the services you need. Bespoke donuts are our absolute specialty. Come in and choose something for yourself!

Why Should You Hire Us?

Cost Savings

Hiring us as your entire marketing department, or to work alongside your existing CMO is generally cheaper than having a full in-house team.


Working with us allows you completely flexibility over your marketing efforts, allowing you to scale up and down efficiently based on your needs.


We are a diverse team of experienced senior-level experts, meaning you get access to a large range of high level skills without an extensive hiring & training process.

No Overheads

Save the costs of even more office space, desks, equipment, training, and special software licensing, and go spend it on something more fun.

Time Savings

While we work very closely with our clients and require a certain amount of engagement, we aim overall to save you time and let you get on with more important things.

Lower Risk

As an agency, we share with you the risks associated with marketing efforts, including strategy changes, industry shifts, and global events, and help you pivot quicker.

This is LD are our dedicated website agency at CMR Surgical - a UK-based, global medtech business. Working with This is LD for the last few years has been so refreshing. It is not like the formality of working with an agency. It feels like we work with extra members of the team. They are strategic advisors, fast-acting and produce fantastic website UX and design. I would not hesitate in recommending This Is LD for website development and also broader marketing campaigns.

Andrew Wilson

Global Senior Marketing Communications Manager, CMR Surgical



A fully managed and executed digital marketing strategy and business growth service that is customised to your budget, target audience, industry and business goals.


An expert consultant to help guide your own efforts by providing marketing and audience analysis, business and industry insights, and solution-based strategies to execute.

As a leading provider of the ground-breaking treatment of depression, Deep TMS therapy, Achieve TMS East values and understands the importance of an effective marketing strategy. Marketing engages our audience and educates our potential patients to the benefits of deep TMS therapy. Recognizing this, we searched for a marketing company that would engage our prospective patients through thoughtful content, dynamic graphics and marketing acumen. We choose LD, and they were an excellent choice. Lisa and her team at LD developed insightful digital marketing campaigns, that were on deadline and on budget. Their impactful digital designs and target marketing increased our web traffic by 482% which resulted in increased patient volume. We highly recommend LD for all your marketing needs.

Anita Taylor

Director of Marketing, Achieve TMS East


You run your business. We do everything else.

We solve problems. We make things beautiful. We make things functional. We make you amazing. We work with you and your team to design meaningful changes in key areas that help your organisation improve measurably in a global marketplace with constantly evolving demands and shifting technologies.


Animation & Motion Graphics

Animations that move the soul, and motion graphics that engage the mind — we’ve got it all.

Content Creation & Copywriting

We find the words that express your individual voice, and the values that your brand stands for. Then, we sow them into all levels of your communication to create the impact that your brand deserves.

Search Engine Marketing

Make yourself visible and place your brand on the forefront of the shelf, right under the spotlight.

Social Media Management

We use social media marketing to get people talking about your brand, help you generate leads, boost conversions, and increase overall brand recall. Be social, be online.

Managed IT Services & Support

Our global IT solutions team can provide high-quality, reliable, and cost-effective managed IT services, working with you to meet your business goals.

Brand Development & Strategy

Every brand has a story, a voice, and a set of strong values. Tell the world who you are and watch as your target audience resonates with what you stand for.

Illustration, Graphic Design & Digital

Bring your marketing collateral to life with breathtaking design, intelligent graphics, colors, and meaningful illustrations that stimulate the imagination.

Search Engine Optimisation

Our SEO is both an art and a science. Play the long-lasting game of building a solid, high-value foundation, and be found by the right person, at the right place.

Public Relations

Our global marketing agency’s PR services produce exclusive results through products, original thinking, and our willingness to do the legwork. These efforts ensure the right people know about your organisation and they’re willing to share your story with their audience

Web Design & Development

We are an end to end creator when it comes to websites. We are both the cooks in the kitchen and the high-end service in the restaurant. Our process is seamless from wireframe, to content, design, development, market and beyond.

Let's Build Something Amazing, Together.

We love meeting new people and filling our free time with discovering new ways to break old ground. Let’s create something new together.

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