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Helping Healthcare Institutions Achieve Their Mission

With mounting backlogs caused by an ageing population, operational inefficiency, and a lack of resources, including staff and technology, access to healthcare is becoming intermittent.

That’s why it’s more important than ever for medical institutions to innovate by combining powerful communications with modern technologies to galvanise staff around a patient-centric mission.


To make progress, medical institutions and device manufacturers must combine forces to address the most critical healthcare challenges today: overcrowding, wait lists, burnout, systemic biases, and access barriers, among others.


Whether you are looking to sell devices, attract patients or recruit staff, one way forward is to tell the right stories, to the right people, at the right time. This is where healthcare digital marketing shines – connecting audiences to organisations to achieve business goals. At LD, we specialise in creating healthcare marketing that educates, inspires, and compels people to act.


Here’s how we do it.

Build Your Healthcare Brand into a Patient-Centric Powerhouse

Healthcare isn’t just a referral business anymore. The internet has become a powerful tool for patients seeking the best care, medications, or supplies. If you’re not leveraging the power of healthcare digital marketing, you’re missing out on a valuable touchpoint for your patients or customers.
Healthcare companies need effective digital marketing strategies to expand their market share. Power is in the hands of the purchaser – consumers will likely do plenty of research and comparisons before they consider reaching out to you. You need to grab attention and create value for your customers during their research phase, to prove that you’re the best in your field.

A Vast Majority of Consumers GO ONLINE for Information.

The bottom line: a strong online presence is crucial for healthcare companies to get noticed.

This is LD can help you optimise your results by providing information your audience wants. Prospective customers want to know things like your reputation, whether you take insurance, other healthcare professional recommendations, the technology you use, and more.


A comprehensive healthcare marketing strategy helps you stand out, build trust with your audience, and create the opportunity to engage with more potential customers. Let us help you showcase what you can do for your customers. We’ll assess your current digital marketing efforts and recommend effective solutions to grow your healthcare business.

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of those in need of healthcare information turn to internet search first.

Take Your Brand to the Next Level with a 360-Degree Digital Marketing Approach

Each healthcare service and provider behave differently, requiring varying digital marketing strategies designed to capture the attention of target customers. The team at This is LD has had over 10 years developing and implementing innovative marketing solutions for healthcare sectors. It’s given us unique insight into what works.

As a 360-degree digital marketing agency, LD offers tailored healthcare marketing packages, creating bespoke campaigns designed and implemented just for you. We do comprehensive research to gain a deep understanding of your healthcare offering, enabling us to create a marketing campaign that highlights the reasons people should do business with you.


Healthcare Marketing Vs. General Marketing

Having a B2B expert in your corner is always a good thing. But marketing in Healthcare and HealthTech isn’t your standard execution. You need an agency that’s knowledgeable in healthcare digital marketing to ensure you’re adhering to the nuances of the industry.

LD has proven expertise in healthcare marketing, so we know how to get you from A to B – even with all the red tape throughout the industry. In this field, healthcare marketers must be aware of the regulations and requirements such as marketing software, the wording of ads or website content, whether you’re allowed to market a product in a certain geographic location, the list goes on.

Healthcare marketing isn’t just about showcasing a product or service. It’s meant to inform various stakeholders about how a particular treatment, provider, or product can improve patient care (and generate growth and revenue for the provider).

There are a number of constraints in healthcare marketing that you need to be aware of before crafting your next strategy or campaign, including the following…



Understanding how legislation and advertising rules in your region affect your services and products is crucial in the context of healthcare marketing.

Patients put a tremendous amount of trust into their healthcare providers and products, and can be in a vulnerable position when evaluating products and providers. The healthcare industry has incredibly strict advertising regulations, with specific approaches varying by country.

When these rules aren’t followed, there are consequences. Those unfamiliar with healthcare marketing may see their ads not being allowed on certain platforms, legal action, and in some cases, the revocation of a practitioner’s license.

With truth-in-advertising laws, marketing materials and content for medical professionals and suppliers must follow special advertising rules with language that cannot be misleading or make claims unsupported by objective evidence. We use language that keeps your healthcare ads both legal and honest while effectively promoting your products and services.


Indirect Distribution

With many components in healthcare separate from one another, understanding the supply chain and the relationships between all parties is important for the consumer to understand.

Healthcare is inherently complicated, and it requires its own dedicated marketing approach. The distribution channel in healthcare may be a referral pathway from a practitioner, but they don’t always have direct control over decisions. Often, the decision-making process likely involves several parties. For example, insurance cover may influence which medication or treatment a patient chooses.

As a fragmented field, healthcare can be made smoother for the customer through effective communication aided by digital tools, such as a CRM suite with a 360-degree view of customers, marketing automation tools to create personalised promotions, self-service tools and more.



Healthcare products and services often require special certifications to be approved for treatment or be covered by insurance providers.

Marketing your healthcare product or service should provide reassurance of your level of expertise or the quality of a proposed treatment. Unlike marketing in other industries, digital healthcare marketing occurs when lives may be on the line, and this gives certification extra weight when it comes to decision-making.

A certification process shows consumers that your offering passes safety standards and offers a worthy credential for interested parties.


Compliance & Data Protection

There are a combination of rules, laws, and government agencies that regulate healthcare marketing. These entities ensure extremely high compliance rates and the protection of personal and health data. In marketing, these requirements affect how data is processed and how contact can be made to prospective customers.

As a healthcare digital marketing agency, our marketing funnels are compliant with all personal and medical data regulations. Similar to compliance in the tech industry, but far more extensive, healthcare marketing has to safeguard any sensitive data.

Patient data requires very careful management due to HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and privacy laws. Depending on the service or product, digital marketers in the healthcare field must follow the UK Medicine and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) and US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) rules for prescription drugs and other medical services.

For healthcare providers, there are limitations on how physicians can get referrals. Depending on the type of provider and their location, marketing campaigns must comply with HIPAA privacy regulations.

A Unique Approach For Healthcare & Health Tech Marketing

The foundation of any marketing strategy in healthcare is the quality of the service and how it meets the needs of the patient. More than ever, marketing in Healthcare, HealthTech & Pharmaceuticals is under a microscope.

A Patient-First-Focus is essential, not just in the short term but for their long-term health and quality of life. And if you are not already marking your territory online, Digital Transformation is a necessity if you intend to meet your audience online and ensure your brand finds them at their point of search.

Online healthcare marketing is for healthcare providers, suppliers, insurance companies, and other businesses in the healthcare space. Your online presence tells prospective customers what kind of healthcare service provider you are, what you value, and what sets you apart from competitors in your sector.

Healthcare companies need a solid marketing plan to catch customers at opportune moments. We help you own your piece of the healthcare space through cohesive online communications. Our digital marketing campaigns provide multiple benefits in the healthcare industry.


Consistent Branding to Build Recognition

We build out your signature look to help you stand out. The more memorable you are, the more effective your promotional efforts become.

Optimise Your Search Engine Results

Search rankings increase your product’s visibility to the right audience.

Use Paid Advertising on Social Media

With digital ads you’ll get in front of the people who will use your health product, even if you’re not connected with them on social media.

Network With Doctors and Other Healthcare Professionals

Digital campaigns help you build relationships and trust that can pay dividends in referrals for years to come.

Engage Your Online Audience

Online channels enable you to create special offers for people who follow you online, respond to comments, ask questions and provide insider tips in ways that your audience values.

Back Yourself With An Expert Healthcare Marketing Team

We provide a seamless integration of full-service digital marketing agency services where creative design, online marketing and development work together, to create a memorable digital marketing campaign.

When we say we do it all, we actually do. From eye-catching websites to persuasive content and attention-grabbing graphics, LD is your ‘one-stop shop’ for healthcare digital marketing.

Our healthcare marketing campaigns help you create awareness, extend your reach, promote your services, drive potential customers to your website, and strengthen relationships with existing patients resulting in improved marketing outcomes.

Brand Development and Strategy

We get a clear understanding of your website objectives (now and for the future). We learn your main goals and the target audience you want to attract. If we identify potential problem areas, we offer solutions and point out areas that we can strengthen.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

We’ll optimise your website content for search engines using current best practices, making it easier for potential customers to find you and learn about your offerings in the healthcare space.

Copywriting & Content Creation

Every word on your website, blog, social channels, and other marketing materials is curated to help you deliver compelling content in your brand’s unique voice. Our specialised knowledge in content creation for healthcare marketing campaigns is designed to meet your business objectives.

Video Marketing & Animation

The use of animation and video in digital marketing, particularly social media, takes your audience engagement to a whole new level. With their constantly high traffic levels, variance of demographics and algorithm-backed integration in advertising, video content is proven to drive higher engagement and reach when compared to static images.


Times have changed, and online visibility requires an investment to produce results. We create targeted pay per click campaigns that highlight your biggest advantages and move people to action.

Social Media Management

Even healthcare companies need a strong social media presence with a human touch. It’s a key part of your overall branding strategy. Our team of social media experts use a bespoke strategy to help your audience know, like, and trust you while building your authority in the sector.

Web Design & Development

We’re a full-stack website developer, and that means we handle both the visual design and database backend giving you complete control over the look and feel of your site, plus your data. Our team creates responsive websites from the ground-up, or we can work with what you already have.

Clear Reporting

Our campaigns are ROI-driven with demonstrable results in healthcare marketing. We provide reports that identify areas of high-performance and where you can improve.

One Digital Marketing for Healthcare Agency, Multiple Solutions

360-degree digital marketing in the healthcare space helps you reach potential customers online no matter where they hang out. The new approach is not one size fits all, and LD’s healthcare digital marketing strategies can help your company create personalised messaging that is laser-targeted to an individual’s needs. Our cloud-based digital marketing agency offers a variety of packages to help healthcare businesses like yours to outshine the competition.

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