The Main Benefits of Going Paperless

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Two thirds of small businesses still use paper marketing in some format. If you still prioritise a traditional marketing approach, and have noticed a decline in performance this past year, it might be time to incorporate some digital marketing tactics in to your strategy. Better for the environment, and better for your business.

Eco-Friendly Marketing:

Ditch direct paper mail
Say NO to billboards and newspapers
Get rid of print ads

The internet has become a pillar of information in modern society. You can easily access any and all information available in just a few clicks.


Let’s Improve Your BUSINESS’ Eco Footprint


Why Switch to Digital-Only Marketing?

According to Statista, internet users spend 145 minutes on social media every day! With that in mind, countless businesses are transitioning towards paperless marketing by introducing digital alternatives. You might just be wondering though – what exactly is paperless advertising?

How are Businesses Going Paperless?

Right now, you may be wondering how businesses can seamlessly transition to paperless marketing. Below are some tips to help in adapting to advertising in the digital sphere:


In addition to reducing the use of physical resources, adopting a cloud-hosted workflow enables a far more efficient strategic workflow. From instantly accessible documents on a range of devices, to secure data storage and cutting-edge communication streams, the perks are endless.

Use Electronic Communication

We’re not talking strictly about emails here. The utility of digital communication reaches to the nth degree. Leveraging digital mechanisms for project management endeavours, financial management and even employee collaboration could be game-changing for your entity.

Digitise Your Marketing

As articulated above, there isn’t a better time than now to digitise your marketing. Paperless advertising isn’t just a statement, it’s an initiative. Going paperless could give your business an almighty boost. Book a consultation with us today, and let’s reach greater heights together.

What is Paperless Advertising?

Retro style is super cool.
Retro advertising is not.

Paperless advertising is the essence of digital marketing. Typically, businesses adopting this don’t utilise anything physical for advertising purposes. (i.e. posters, billboards, etc.)

Believe it or not, the dream of a business going paperless started decades ago. In the year 1975, there was a pipe-dream of sorts for businesses to function in paperless offices. Nowadays, paperless advertising is being adopted by countless businesses aligning their brands with the Green Initiative – which aims to reduce the greenhouse gases emitted by humans by reducing the number of materials used.

Despite the advancement in technology however, businesses still use large amounts of paper for their marketing. The usage of paper is estimated to increase by 6% this year.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint.

Green marketing helps businesses find sustainable ways to do business, and make a positive impact on the environment.

What are the Benefits of Paperless Advertising?

Contrary to the aforementioned statistics, there are plenty of incentives for businesses to choose to transition to paperless advertising. Below, we’ve listed three major benefits of going paperless for your business.

Time and Cost-Effectiveness

Paperless advertising, or digital marketing, dominates traditional marketing in terms of speed and cost-effectiveness. With a significant population of people online every day, getting a worldwide advertising campaign takes comparatively minimal effort. When using traditional marketing, you can’t exactly interpret the demographic(s) & digital behaviours of your target audience. With paperless advertising, you can accurately specify this to a global extent – a power that can be enhanced by an extensive social media strategy.

Easier Access to Data

For businesses, narrowing down marketing methodology to a digital medium provides an unmatchable scope for user data acquisition. There are a myriad of digital marketing suites available to entities of all sizes; and the barrier to entry is minimal.

Efficient Marketing Strategies

Leveraging streamlined, highly-descriptive data allows businesses of various descriptions to level up their marketing strategies. Digitising your strategy allows for a range of progressive approaches to flourish, such as 360 marketing. 360 marketing focuses on the delivery of a cohesive message to customers, concentrating the business’ efforts to one united front. In the age of paperless advertising, such strategies are implementable in a heartbeat.

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