From the very first job we awarded LD, it was apparent they were fantastic and skilled developers who we envisioned working closely with in the future. Sure enough, LD has been our go-to developer for projects of all sizes, from simple fixes to full-scale custom web development projects. The team is extremely accessible and responsive (an absolute must in our industry) and generally very positive and optimistic personalities to boot – qualities that can sometimes be difficult when there are deadlines to meet and high maintenance clients to please!

Jason GrantBusiness Owner, Fifth and Missing

Working in an on-demand world, my clients expect on-demand results. LD combines design brilliance, amazingly fast turnaround times, flexible on-demand results. They produce nothing but great work from concept to final output.

JohnDirector of Marketing

LD was able to interpret our ‘vague’ ideas, then infuse their expertise and creative talent to create a cutting-edge business profile and a contemporary, strong branding platform for our business. They continually consulted with my business partner and I throughout this process and provided us with numerous choices along the way. LD is a valuable asset and resource for our newly formed business. I can highly recommend their interpersonal skills, their professionalism, and their creative talent and abilities.

Tracey HandBusiness Owner, Optimise Learning

LD Global has helped us capture the essence of our brand. They worked closely with us very collaboratively and helped us bring out what we stood for in our minor league program. We’re very appreciative of the continued support in helping us grow in Canada and in Japan.

Tomio FukumuraManaging Director, Asahi Baseball