Tom Hand

Tom Hand. SEO Specialist.

Say hi to Tom, our keyword and search engine optimisation master! He learned programming during his spare time at Uni and landed his first full-time position designing websites at an SEO agency. Eventually, search became part of his job description.

Tom Hand

He feels that having a coding background provided an advantage in adapting to the SEO field. Being knowledgeable about the technical aspects of websites gives any aspiring search strategist a leg-up. He definitely recommends learning HTML and having a serviceable understanding of JavaScript.

Working from home takes a heck of a lot of discipline. Having done so for approximately six months prior to the pandemic, Tom didn’t need to adjust his workflow too much. He uses a set routine to be as efficient as possible; usually waking up early to surf and arriving at his desk to work from 9am to 6pm. Sometimes I’ll pop out to the beach/café during the day if my workload isn’t too heavy.

Tom’s pro tip: he uses a MacOS app called ‘Flow’ which helps him stay on task. He highly recommends it!

Off the clock, surfing is a huge part of Tom’s life. It keeps his mind & body healthy, and is a great distraction from the stresses of life. The ocean is a part of who he is; he couldn’t function without it.

Other interests include sport—he follows the EPL (football/soccer), AFL (Australian rules football), and NFL (gridiron) religiously; and politics, spending multiple hours each day reading/listening about the political landscape, both domestically and globally. He’s also passionate about human rights, especially those of Indigenous Australians.


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