Suki Lu

Suki Lu. Senior Designer.

Our super talented designer, Suki, was destined for a career in art and design. After majoring in web and graphic design, she was offered a full-time position as an in-house web designer. She’s worked in the digital design/marketing field for 7 years and still enjoys it.

Suki Lu

Be confident. When designers first start the job, they try their best to please the clients (even when clients are wrong!). Sometimes clients have ideas, but they want your professional support so you should never be afraid to speak up. Same when you face a client who asks for a ridiculous deadline. If your experience tells you it’s impossible, you should tell them rather than accept a deadline and miss it. Most importantly, if your clients choose you, they believe in your experience and skills, so you should too!

Suki’s worked from home since 2016, so the pandemic didn’t affect her that much. She enjoys this type of life so much that she’d likely never return to work in an office (even if WFH does feel a bit boring sometimes, especially after the pandemic lockdown). Her current WFH structure took time to develop. Since there are so many distractions, time management is always the hardest part.

How does she make it work? Suki plans her days as if she worked in an actual office. Clock in at 8, lunch break at 12, and clock off at 5 (of course, there are breaks in between!). She doesn’t turn on the TV, do chores or keep checking her phone. After working hard, she likes to add some excitement to her schedule, rewarding herself with a yoga session, a nice hand drip coffee, or ordering a fancy takeout.

A self-proclaimed indoor type of person, Suki mostly spends her free time reading, taking care of her houseplant or watching movies.


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